Forum delle ciclofficine

LogoForumWe are glad to invite you to a Forum of bike recycling and community workshops which will take place in Rome, May 29th – May 31th 2013, c/o C.S.O.A. eXSnia

Please confirm your participation at info[AT]

The following program is our proposal, is open to possible changes and rearrangements, and it has to be developed together

Presentation of our experiences and different battle fields. Recycling, do-it-yourself, convivial technologies.

Day 2 – Thu May 30th , 2pm-6pm. PROJECTS AND TERRITORY.
Presentations of our differences: bottom-up /institutional initiatives, non-profit/ money-free approach. What do we do besides repair/invent/built up bicycles? Which objects and technologies are more people oriented? Welding, carpentering, sawing, etc.

Day 3 – Fri May 31st 2pm-5pm. THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY.
The Bike Kitchen reality was born starting from common needs and develops through sharing practices and ideas. Are there any other pathways to share? Does it make sense to organize a European Bike Kitchen Network? Which would be its use and goals? Could we think about a yearly international meeting of the Bike Kitchens? Could we do it during the Ciemmona or the Summer cyclocamps? Should it be Itinerant?

We would like to invite to present your experiences through an English presentation (powerpoint or similar, suggested format pdf) to be delivered to the other Bike Kitchens.

  • Suggested Template for the presentation:
  • Who are you (the speaker)? (1 slide)
  • Which reality do you represent? (1 slide)
  • Your organization: where is located, opening hours, how many activists, ect
  • Modus operandi and users
  • Past and future projects

These presentations, together with a report of the three Forum days, will constitute a document that we would like to put together in a small publication.

The camp site is totally free and you have to collaborate in its organization and management. We are strictly anti-fascist, anti-sexist and anti-racist. Please do not join us if you do not recognize yourself in these fundamental values.

Roman people’s Bike Kitchen Network

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Please send a confirmation email to: info[AT]
Book a space for your tent sending an email to: accommodation[AT]
Do you need a bike? We’ll do what we can! Write to: bikesharing[AT]